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Charity Donations

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Theater And Tv Fabrics

Website Customer Request

Requester email: unknown@example.com

Description: 'Theater and TV Fabrics'

Website address: http://www.hometex.ca/

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Customer environment: Browser: Internet Explorer 9.0

OS: Microsoft Windows 7

Chat transcript:

Visitor (11:29:37) Hi, my name is Garry and I am a producer. One of my present works is a kids’ TV Show. For the show, I needed authentic fabrics and one of my friends recommended your store when on the lookout. As I mentioned earlier, I wish to buy authentic fabrics and needed your help with a little something. Can you suggest me a fabric which you think would be ideal for backdrops, props or costumes?

Customer Service (11:32:46) Sure Garry, your friend has recommended you to the right place. We take pride in hosting one of the largest collections of authentic fabric in the entire state of Canada. We have a vast spectrum of product lines and products under production that can be used for any kind of function. Apart from that, we also have tablecloths, blankets, and finished goods under the other range of fabrics.

Visitor (11:33:37) I am now sure that I have come to the right place and will most probably get my work done at your doorstep. For our Kids TV show, one of our costume designers on board has decided to sew majority of the props and costumes on our set as a ploy to cut costs and explore her creative side. She wanted shirting materials in vibrant colors, do you have those?

Customer Service (11:34:20) Yes sir, we do have what you need. In fact, I think one of the fabrics in our inventory will comply with your requirements perfectly: Top Quality Broadcloth fabric. The fabric as you wanted has a vast color spectrum and you will be spoilt for choices. If you could hold for a minute, I’ll send you few links to items in our inventory which you will find useful and make your final choice about your order.

Visitor (11:34:21) Yes, I will hold.

Customer Service (11:34:22) Thank you for your patience, sir. Here are the links:

Home page:  http://hometex.ca/ 

Batting for representing snow:  http://hometex.ca/pillow-forms-fiberfill-batting/quilt-and-craft-batting

Polyester stuffing for costumes: http://hometex.ca/pillow-forms-fiberfill-batting/polyester-stuffing

Backdrop fabric for props:  http://hometex.ca/fabric-products

Cheesecloth:  http://hometex.ca/fabric-products/cheesecloth

 Unbleached cotton: http://hometex.ca/fabric-products

And colored broadcloth fabric:   http://hometex.ca/fabric-products/broadcloth

Visitor (11:35:20) I have just opened all the links, this is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for this. My colleague and I will visit the entire collection on your website and I will finalize and place my order soon.

Customer Service (11:35:41) As you wish, sir. We are here to help. Until then, is there anything else that I can help you with?

Visitor (11:35:42) Yeah, I had one last question. Does your organization offer any commercial discount for registered businesses? For example, exclusive business offers and discounts that are applicable only for bulk orders and all?

Customer Service(11:36:08) Yes sir, we at Hometex serve several businesses and corporate organizations. Most of the orders on our website represent the same. We set and decide a discount amount as per the scale of the order and wholesale client. Apart from that, we also have certain tiers on your final bill amount which will offer you a discount solely based on the amount in your final order pre-discount during a bulk purchase.

Visitor (11:39:00) That’s amazing. I was planning on a bulk order and was hesitant to ask about the discount as I thought it won’t be valid. Now that I have got a discount fixed, I can finalize my order soon without any doubt. Thank you so much! 

Customer Service (11:40:14) You’re welcome, sir. Have a nice day.

To protect the privacy of our clients, certain details have been modified. 

***** ID blanked out for privacy


First Nations Tax

Chat Transcription detailing how a First Nations Customer can apply their tax class.Read More
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