First Nations/Aboriginal Customer Tax Exemptions

Visitor (11:18:24) – Hello, my name is ******. I am a First Nations customer and I would like to order some broadcloth, quilt batting, canvas, burlap and polyester stuffing. I was wondering where to put in my tax class for the HST exemption.

Customer Service (11:19:04) –Hi, here are the direct links to the categories you requested:

Customer service – (11:19:10) – In terms of the tax exemption, we have several options available.

Visitor (11:19:14) – Go ahead please.

Customer Service (11:19:36) –

For ordering via our website: you must email or fax us a copy of your Aboriginal Status Card (Certificate of Indian Status card) or your Temporary Confirmation of registration Document (TCRD) as well as a second form of ID that includes your name and address. The address on the ID must match either the shipping address or your home address. If the delivery address is on a reserve, you will be fully exempt from the tax. If the delivery address is off a reserve or you pick up your order at our warehouse, you pay 5% tax (in Ontario, or the full tax in any other province). To place an order via our website: do not pay at the checkout, instead select the “Bill Me Later” option and put your status card registration number or band number as your purchase order number. Once your order has been placed, please contact us either by phone or email with your desired method of payment, and we will bill you according to the specific tax exemption that applies to your order.

For an in-store order: you must present the original Status Card or TCRD. The same tax exemptions listed above apply, which is based on the shipping address/pickup.

If you are buying as an incorporated band entity: you must also print out, sign and send this form: b-039b-e authorization slip back to us.

If you are purchasing supplies that are to be sold in a store on a reserve: you must print out and sign this form: b-039b-e authorization slip and send it back to us along with all of the ID requirements listed above.

For more information, please refer to the chart here: tax exemption chart or contact us directly by email or phone.

Visitor – (11:20:12) – OK. Which documents do I need to fill out/send? And what is my tax exemption?

Customer service – (11:20:18) – Are you located in Ontario? What shipping method would you like?

Visitor (11:20:28) I am located in Ontario and I want to pick up my order so I don’t have to pay shipping.

Customer service– (11:21:37) –Ok, so since you are located in Ontario and are picking up/not delivering to a reserve, you pay 5% tax. You must send us a copy of your Status Card and a second piece of ID with your name and address on it (e.g. a credit card statement or a hydro bill) so that we can verify your ID. Place your order and select bill me later. Fill in your status card registration number as the Purchase order number. After you’ve done that, email us {{config path="trans_email/ident_sales/email"}} or call us at 1 (855) 466 3890 with your billing information.

Visitor (11:21:51) – Ok, I will scan and email those to you and then place my order on your website. I will call with my credit card information.

Customer service (11:21:59) – Great! Is there anything else I can help you with?

Visitor – (11:22:07) – No, I think I’m good.

Customer service– (11:22:10) – Excellent. If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Visitor – (11:22:14) – Thank you

Customer service– (11:22:18) – No problem. Have a nice day.

To protect the privacy of our clients, certain details have been modified.

***** ID blanked out for privacy


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