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(10:51:54) Visitor- I am located in Burnaby BC and I would like to order 24 burlap runners in various sizes. Where can I see prices and shipping charges

(10:52:12) Customer Service- We have a web site for small crafters and home based business that  you can use if you wait 2 minutes I will put together the information and offer you some coupons. please stand by my name is Sam if you want to call in

(10:54:01) Customer Service- pleases use hometex.ca

1)you can pick up or you can get shipping quote without registering or processing
or see  http://hometex.ca/how-much-is-shipping/sample-shipments
2)see customer feedback an product reviews at

and on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hometexca
3)other coupons can be found at http://hometex.ca/coupons
special offer  like us on facebook by clicking on the like button on our facebook page
and we will send you a facebook like coupon for 8%

let us know before you order
Please do not hesitate to contact us further should you have any further queries?
Sam & the online Sales Team

(10:55:23) Visitor- Please wait I will read fast yes I do have a facebook account I will  give you a like. I also see that I can get a 10% coupon for a review

(10:56:43 Customer Service- Please wait with that till you get the product and then for the next order we will give you a 10% coupon hopefully after a positive review

(10:56:15) Visitor- I won't keep you  Let me go over this with my partner. Can I call you if there are any questions?

(10:56:38) Customer Service- Sure 1-855-466-3890 Ask for Sam/Jack/Jay/Jordan or Lina
anybody can help you thank you.

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