Discount Coupons on Bulk Orders for Craft Supplies

Visitor (04:21:15) – Do you sell craft supplies for Xmas and Halloween Décor?

Customer Service – (04:21:29) -Yes we do. We have a lot of varieties in burlap rolls, cheesecloth and fabric backdrop for Halloween and for Xmas we have quilt batting, polyester stuffing and broadcloth for simulation of snow and snowfall.

Visitor – (04:21:42) - Great, we have an inter office competition for decoration for Halloween and Xmas and I need to order craft supplies for the same. I assume you are located in Toronto; well we are located in BC so my only concern is the shipping cost. I tried to get good dealers for craft supplies in our area but I am not really impressed by the quality. A friend of mine suggested I try your products as he vouched by your pricing and quality.

Customer Service – (04:22:02) - Well he isn’t wrong , our products are superior in quality and rates are very competitive. As far as your shipping problem goes, I can try and give you a discount coupon of  6% on the entire bill, so you can save some money and adjust it towards your shipping bill.

 Visitor – (04:22:17) - Let me check that with my partner and get back to you. Can you hold for a moment?

Customer Service – (04:22:29) - Sure I can. You take your time., please make sure to check out our range of lace trim it helps enhance the projects , By the way burlap is really big this year for the rustic theme we have burlap ribbon and burlap bags suitable for Xmas

Visitor – (04:22:54) - Alright, my partner says it sounds like a good deal. We appreciate you working with us. How can I place the order?

Customer Service – (04:23:07) - Well you can visit our website and place your order. You coupon code is F**l***f* and that is valid till the 10th of Nov.

Visitor – (04:23:15) - Sounds perfect, I am gonna place my order right away. Thank you for your time. I appreciate your help.

Customer Service – (04:23:31) -My pleasure! You have a good one.


To protect the privacy of our clients, certain details have been modified.

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