Unbleached Muslin Cotton for Theatres and Costumes and Backdrop Fabric

(12:54:34)  Visitor do you carry muslin fabric for theatre costume departments
(12:55:08)  Customer Service S we do, we have various wits and various qualities. Sorry for my delay in answering I have 2 chats going on now
(12:55:51)  Visitor i need it for a theatrical production. how  wide is your muslin unbleached cotton
(12:57:07)  Customer Service We have anywhere from 36 inches wide all the way to 114 inches wide.
(12:57:51)  Visitor we need the unbleached cotton for costumes and mock ups
(12:58:23)  Customer Service Art  &  theatre customers buy the 63 inches for costuming.  the 114 inches wide is for backdrop fabric
 and scenery

(12:58:51)   Visitor : Interesting, please wait a moment I assume the your backdrop fabric is double folded
(12:59:16)  Customer Service Correct, and  it accepts paints easily and is not that expensive please check our website we also have other fabrics that are used for backdrop fabric
less expensive and other lengths
(12:59:54)  Visitor i would like to start with the 63 inches for now and i will advise my coordinator regarding the other widths, how can I order
300 yards
 Customer Service You can order online now we can ship tomorrow as the muslin cotton fabric is always in stock

(13:01:16)  Customer Service I will look out for your order and take care. I will include some samples to give the other members of your team.
(13:01:55)  Visitor great customer service thank you.
(13:04:49)  Customer Service Our pleasure, in fact if you are happy could you mention us on your playbill. So other theatre companies can find us
(13:06:26)  Visitor I will send you some complimentary tickets to our production in ******, please visit
(13:06:58)  Customer Service Thank you I will get your shipment out and will wait for your immediate feedback about our unbleached muslin fabric


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