What Size Burlap Table Runner to Order

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Burlap Table Runners
Burlap table runners are no “one-size-fits-all” and therefore when you are thinking of buying one for your dining table for decorations, you must be sure about the dimensions of your table in order to choose the perfect size which enhances the look of your table. Burlap table runners are much in vogue in the rustic weddings and the burlap fabric gives the appropriate feel of the theme.

 what size burlap runner to order
What size burlap runner to order

What size to choose ?
Choose the burlap runner which has about 1/3rd the width of your table and runs along the length of the table with an overhang of approximately 6 to 10 inches past the table on either end depending on how long fits the look for your table.

Runners do not necessarily have to be used on rectangular tables alone. They create just as much visual appeal on round tables as rectangular tables. The same measurement rules apply, and the runner should be about one-third the width and hang 6 inches over the side.

choosing the right size burlap runnersChoosing the right size burlap runners


In case, you want to use the burlap runner while dining, you may choose the one which fits along with your dining plates without overlapping with each other. Don’t worry if your burlap fabric came out too long or short. However the space on each side should be the same, and if hanging then the length should be the same on each side.  You may attach a tassel at both ends to give it a long look and for making it look short , you may bring it together and tie a bow or a thread at both ends giving it an elegant look.


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