Ideal Fabric for Cheesecloth Ghost

Visitor – (16:21:42) - I had placed an order for Burlap and lace trim from you and I had noticed that you sell cheesecloth and muslin unbleached cotton too, I wanted to place an order for that to go with the broadcloth fabric.

Customer Service – (16:22:03) - Alright, what grade cheesecloth are you looking for? We have a lot of different types of cheesecloth’s that you can choose from

Visitor – (16:22:13) - The thing is I need the fabric for making a cheesecloth ghost for Halloween. Mostly we will be retailing the cheesecloth but there are some orders for readymade cheesecloth ghosts from some corporate offices.

Customer Service – (16:22:39) - Well for Halloween ghosts, I would suggest a Grade 10 cheesecloth as it has 20 x 10 inch square boxes, which are ideal for good air and water flow. Not to forget the fact that this fabric is much cheaper compared to the other types. Grade 20 too is a good choice if you want a denser look.

Visitor – (16:22:57) - I think I will go with the grade 10 fabric, for the readymade cheesecloth Ghosts that we will sell, about the fabric, I guess I will opt for grade 20 and grade 40. What is the highest grade that you sell?

Customer Service – (16:23:10) - Well, we have up to grade 90. We sell the fabric in yards and the highest length is 100 yards. Which one would you like to order?

Visitor – (16:23:21) - Well I want 100 yards x 10 for grade 20, 40 and 90 and 100 yards x 15 for grade 10. Last time I qualified for a discount as I ordered the Burlap in bulk. Do I get a discount this time too?

Customer Service – (16:23:37) - Yes sir! You will get a discount. You can use coupon code ******, also what about the unbleached muslin?

Visitor – (16:23:48) - Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that, I wanted the widest muslin cotton, 2 full bolts.

Customer Service – (16:23:58) -The widest we have is 63”. We also have a backdrop fabric that is 114 inches that may work it is very similar quality but has a polyester cotton blend.

Visitor – (16:24:05) - That should be good. Thank you very much for everything. I will go ahead and make the purchase right away.

Customer Service – (16:24:18) - Sounds good, also if you need anything else, you can call us and we will be happy to assist you. Remember we also sell quilt batting for snow simulation.

Visitor – (16:24:31) - I will call once I am done with Halloween, Thanks!

Customer Service – (16:24:37) – A pleasure.


To protect the privacy of our clients, certain details have been modified.

***** ID blanked out for privacy

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