Quilt Batting and Polyester Stuffing for Xmas Decoration

Visitor – (2:15:14) - Hi, I am M**h**l S**n from ***b**h Yard works for the BC City Hall, we had previously ordered for Burlap rolls for Halloween decoration. I saw on your website that you also sell quilt batting, which we are interested in ordering for our Xmas decoration for floats, snowman and simulation of snow on rooftops.

Customer Service – (2:16:02) – Hello M**h**l, my name is J**n, I will be more than glad to help you with the right kind of quilt batting to simulate snow.

Visitor – (2:16:18) - Ok, that sounds good J**n, can you tell me what options do I have in terms of size? Also my order will be big so I really hope you have adequate quantities in stock.

Customer Service – (2:16:34) - No worries sir, you can  rest assured that we have more than enough quantities of quilt batting in stock, as during the holiday season, it is one of our fastest selling products. In regards with size we have 5 different sizing options for you, right from a small crib to a king size. You can either order for single roles or place a bulk order.

Visitor – (2:17:06) -That sounds good. Another thing is I need the batting as soon as possible, so if I place my order today, how soon can you dispatch?

Customer Service – (2:17:18) - Well, like I mentioned sir, we have ample quantity in stocks so once you place your order with us, I can personally ensure it is ready for dispatch tomorrow itself. Also you mentioned you need this product for Xmas decoration; I have something else that you might fancy. We sell polyester stuffing to simulate falling snow to movie production houses so if you want you can try the same for the perfect snowfall illusion.

Visitor – (2:17:58) - That sounds interesting. I do want our Xmas decoration to be perfect. So I guess I will try the polyester stuffing too. Where can I place my order?

Customer Service – (2:18:10) - The best way to go about this is ordering online from our website Hometex.ca. You can use discount coupon ****** and you will get a *% discount on the entire order.

Visitor – (2:18:25) - Thank you J**n, you have been helpful.

Customer Service – (2:18:30) - My pleasure, if you need to know anything about your order, I am just a phone call away.

Visitor – (2:18:41) - I appreciate it. Thank you.



To protect the privacy of our clients, certain details have been modified.

***** name blanked out for privacy

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