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Down Duvet

Our premium down duvets are an extremely good value. Unlike other retailers who confuse customers with a wide range of qualities and makes of down duvets, ranging from poor quality to $1000 comforters. At Hometex, our down comforters are all one consistent, easily understandable quality. It is our philosphy to narrow the customer’s focus to one or two products, since too much selection can often confuse the decision making process.

What makes a good goose down comforter? Well, it all starts with the quality of the down inside the comforter. At HomeTex, our goose down duvets are filled with premium white high fill power goose down. Fill power is important since the 3-D construction of the down traps air and insulates the person sleeping under the duvet. The higher the fill power, the better the comforter is and is a good indicator of how warm the duvet will be.

For those that like to have the feeling of a heavy blanket on top of them, they are probably better off with a synthetic down duvet. Down duvets are typified by their light construction due to the extreme fill power of even a little bit of down. Some consumers do not like having such a light blanket on top of them and thus opt for the synthetic alternatives. I will be posting an article on our polyester filled duvets sometime next month.

Although our duvets are not hypoallergenic, they are filled with washed and cleaned down to minimize any allergenic impact they will have. For any potential clients who have allergy issues we almost always recommend they purchase the much cheaper synthetic version (a very comfortable option).

A good down duvet is a great start to getting a good night’s sleep. Please check out the Shop @ HomeTex for other great bedding items.


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