Hook and Loop Strips

This Hook and Loop strap with adhesive is available in several widths, giving you the flexibility to find the perfect measurement to fix almost anything, from small to large items, that are present in your house or even in an office setting for that matter. The Hook and Loop patch will make your life easy and convenient, and its measurements will support your wobbly structures for good. Plus, it’s better to buy something new when you have a budget-friendly companion like this by your side, right? It requires no extra effort, and anyone can use it.
Heavy-duty command strips: Unlike the majority of the Hook and Loop straps that are 2 inch wide, this one has an immense holding power that will work on glass, plastic, wood and almost all types of smooth or flat surfaces that require patching up.
Powerful Grip: To complement the helpful features of these Hook and Loop straps with adhesive, it has a hook and loop tape straps that can grab surfaces and hold them together. So if you happen to break a lamp, picture frame, or any other item then don’t worry at all. The hook and loop tape scraps will work their wonders while you appreciate the strength of these Hook and Loop straps. Variety of use: Low-quality tapes tend to have limited use on materials and these restrictions don’t justify the price. However, the command strips that are heavy-duty, like this Hook and Loop strap that’s 2 inch wide can be used upon computers, cables, household items and to organize stuff to make your home look presentable.
Tool-less application: With these heavy-duty command strips by your side, you don’t need to rely on other tools that cost a ton. That’s because these Hook and Loop command strips require no assistance. You don’t need to hack your way around with a hammer, or a drill or even epoxy for that matter. Just peel and stick it to any object that requires fixing and you’ll be good to go.

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