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People are sometimes confused as to what size to order and are never sure how much bigger or smaller they should go with their pillow form size. We always recommend going at list an inch bigger than the cushion cover. This ensures that the pillow really has a nice plump look. This is especially true for the down/feather pillow forms which generally are not filled as generously as the polyester filled ones. Our customers really appreciate the expertise we have in pillow form sizing and that we are willing to take the time to talk to our customers and work with them to make sure they buy the right sized pillow form.

Pillow forms are quite a commodity item in that they are easy to manufacture and produce and are generally interchangeable. At Hometex, we try to differentiate by ensuring they are filled nicely (especially the corners) and that quality is consistent. It is also very important that they look white and clean since dirty pillow forms do not sell very well.

There is a very good reason that we manufacture our pillow forms right here in Toronto, for a high quality Canadian product. There are multiple cheaper alternatives available to potential customers, usually from India or China. These pillow forms are usually lightly filled with poor materials that will not stand up over time. They turn a beautiful cushion cover into a drabby, pathetic looking end product. We’ve had a few customers who have thrown out their imported pillow forms and replaced them with our domestic manufactured pillow forms. It is very satisfying to know that there are still a few products which are far better manufactured here in Canada rather than overseas.

Here are a few things to note about our quality control – technically our Total Quality Management (TQM) protocols:

1) Fiber is sourced to include only white hollow siliconized conjugate
2) The machine is maintained weekly, to ensure fibers are opened properly
3) Each pillow is weighed to ensure it has the appropriate fill weight
4) The foreman inspects pillows at random to ensure quality is up to par


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