Burlap bags now available at HomeTex.Ca

Burlap is a natural fabric, which is a bit loosely woven and offers great durability and strength. It has been used over the ages as a fabric to bind, carry and keep together material and objects. The same fabric is one of the most popular fabrics for making great looking and durable bags.

Burlap bags are not only the choice of a wide variety of people; it is also very popular in a niche segment. It has gained popularity amongst celebrities, Hollywood stars and a lot of other people in the public eye. A reason why everyone wants a burlap bag up his sleeve is also because of the environmental aspects attached. We all know the harmful effect of using plastic bags to the environment. Paper bags also cause a loss of damage in terms of trees cut. A great alternative to all this is a burlap bag, which is durable and reusable, and helps minimize the use of plastics. The burlap bag is also easily biodegradable and does not cause toxic emissions when burnt unlike plastic.

Burlap sandbags are also preferred over polypropylene bags because of environmental reasons and are also available at Hometex.ca. We have a lot of customers who use our 22” x 36” sandbags for various uses. These bags can be provided with ties or without ties as per your requirements. These bags are used for a variety of reasons from carrying construction material to harvest. These bags can also be used for field day events and sack races.

So be eco friendly and use burlap, the fabric of all seasons.


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