Cloth Flannellette Diapers used for Cleaning Jewelry Crystal and Silverware

We have been cutting and sewing cloth diapers made 100% cotton  flannelette ( napped both side)  for over 50 years.
Of course the environmentally conscious  have been out loyal customers. However in fact 30% of our sales of cloth diapers end up as cleaning cloths.

We sell them to goldsmiths, silversmiths , gift boutiques and better retail stores The soft cloth diapers are:
-They don’t scratch, tear, or fall apart,
-Are machine washabel and can be used over and over. in fact they get thicker and more absorbant with each wash cycle

Cotton Flannel  is the best possible material for cleaning  fine gold & silver. It is soft, works well with cleaner, vinegar  and is easy to find. 100% cotton flannel will allow you to clean your gold & silver possessions and jewelry  most efficiently. rub the silver back and forth to get tarnish off . as it is soft enough for a baby it will work well with  fine  jewelery and silverware

Diaper Cloth The same flannelette  material that is used as diapers will work wonders on your silver. It is soft  it works well to clean and get rid of any dirt.

Soft cloth diapers are absorbent, don’t scratch, tear, or fall apart, they are machine washable, in fact  and can ebe used over and over again

For Silverware use t 100% cotton flannel cloth diaper on surafes and Q-tips in small crevices and ornate carved areas.  One can use a mild cleaning detergant or vinergar on the hard to clean areas. Please leave us your feedback on using cloth diapers in household and jewelery cleaning.


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