Controlling Weeds in Lakes Using Burlap Fabric

Most of us want to have a refuge to go to, after a long stressful work week. For those who are lucky enough to have a lake front property they can unwind more often than others. Having a lake front property is worth every single penny.

There are lots of lake front properties in Canada. This is because there are thousands of lakes some of them are more than 400 square kilometers, that is a very long shoreline. A lot of people want to have their own lake front property for recreation and relaxation.

A Cheap Solution for a High Valued Property

These lake front properties are not cheap. Property taxes for these types of land are high. You do not want weeds to ruin the market value of your property just because of these plants.

A simple milfoil or weeds can ruin your weekend or worst the value of your lake front property. There are some lakes with too much weeds that the value of the properties in the lake dropped. There were just too much weeds that people can’t do much anymore in the lake.

There is a simple solution that uses an ordinary material that you often see everywhere. A burlap fabric can keep the lake’s shoal and shoreline free from milfoil and other types of weeds. The science behind it is very simple. Covering the lake bottom with burlap fabric will prevent the weeds from getting sun light. As we all now plants need sun light to thrive, without it they will die.

Buying Burlap Fabric and Burlap Bags Online

A burlap fabric is an effective material to use for controlling weeds in lakes. You can buy them online and we will deliver it you. is one of the leading burlap sellers in Canada. We take pride in being a local Canadian company. We have a 60” (five feet) burlap roll (33 meters long) for only $59.40. That is a small amount to maintain your high valued lake front property.

Funny if you would have a rustic wedding with burlap table cloths, burlap table runners, burlap napkins and burlap bags  on a cottage property and then in the lake in front you would use the same burlap for weed control

Easy Installation

Installing it is very easy. Just cut the burlap fabric according to your desired length, place it over the area where you want to prevent or control the lake weeds and anchor it with burlap bags  filled with rocks.

Since the idea is to prevent the weeds from getting sunlight, I recommend making at least three plies of burlap fabric. This technique will ensure the blocking of sunlight. Shallow areas of the lake may need more plies depending on how clear the lake in your area is.

Burlap is a very suitable material to use for controlling weeds like milfoil. It lets the water pass through it but blocks enough sunlight. It is also environmentally safe since it is made from natural materials.

burlap fabric drying berween  usesburlap fabric drying between uses


drying out the burlap fabric between usesdrying out the burlap fabric between uses


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