Festival of Banners and Broadcloth Fabrics

As happens in business on many occasions, an item you have been carrying for many many years springs up and opens up a new market for sales. We have been carrying broadcloth for over 60 years by now, but have recently shipped out an order for white broadcloth that is being used as a material for a Festival of Banners.  Fabric for banners is new area of growth for us.

Not being an artsy guy, I’ve never heard of a Banner of Festivals before. What does a web sales guy do when he hears about a new avenue for selling an age-old item? Well, he goes and searches the term “Festival of Banners” to find out what it is all about. Here’s what it’s all about:

Essentially, the goal is similar to that of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, except that the focus is more on amateur and youth art. People take their own fabric and paint their banners (similar to an art canvas) to be publicly displayed all around the city or town. Each town runs and operates their own festival. Here in Ontario there are yearly events in Orillia, where local art is proudly displayed for tourists as well as residents. It strengthens the community of the small towns in Canada – the backbone of our great country.

How are we relevant to these events? Well, more and more as we focus on improving our online visibility, we are becoming suppliers to different and unique types of events, many of who source their fabric needs online. As such, we now have a line of fabric materials which are suited for many different uses. Our backdrop fabric is currently being used to create a large, wide banner for the Toronto FC fan rally. Our burlap is being used in hundreds of weddings this upcoming summer (rustic weddings are all the rage these days). Our broadcloth has been used to create flags (broadcloth colours are very useful for this) and we have many loyal customers who buy broadcloth each week.

Events such as the Festival of Banners allow a town to promote art, culture and community without expending a large amount of resources. Making a banner is as simple as purchasing some basic painting materials as well as an inexpensive, cost-effective material such as white broadcloth or even a wider backdrop fabric for larger banners. As a local Canadian business operating out of Toronto for many years, we love participating in local Southern Ontario events.

We love hearing from our customers how happy they were to find us, since many of the items we carry are difficult to find in stores, let alone online. After learning about the festival, we will hopefully be easier to find in the future for individuals and organizations involved in the event.

We will set up a coupon if you give us a shout out or link in your blog or web site for 5% check out our coupon list.

sample of banner for the orrilia banner festivalOrillia -banner-festival


nanaimo banner festival. pictureImage of our broadcloth being used in the Nanaimo banner festival.

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