Fine Quilt Batting all sizes from Craft batts to King Size

The quest for the right quilt batting has always been intriguing. But with the kind of variety that has to offer, the battle to sew the perfect quilt has become easier and friendlier. has a wide variety of quilt batting options to choose from, be it the batting for a Queen Quilt, a King Quilt or simply craft batting.

You can always choose from cotton or polyester batting for the quilt and each has its own virtue, be it the lightness of the batting or the warmth, which it has to offer. produces batting which is evenly weighed and made out of virgin polyester fibers.

Quilts are actually a preferred option for any time of the year because of the ability of the batting to keep warmth on the inside of the quilt. Quilts also offer great appeal in terms of aesthetics and are softer and more hygienic to the feel. They give a very traditional and homely feel to the room and are mostly brightly colored to give a great overall feel.

Most of the customers who buy quilt batting from are happy about the consistency of the batting and the lightness to the feel. The batting does not develop holes or soreness and gives the quilt a wonderful feel.

A quilt that makes you happy is a quilt that you should buy and so is it about the batting, which is the most essential ingredient of the quintessential quilt.


Here are some current pictures from our file


folded quilt battingfolded quilt batting after taken off the roll


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