How to Store Down Duvets

We just received a call  (yes we answer the phone here)  from another satisfied customer.  She is traveling to Sarasota,  Florida  in January for 3 months and want to know how to store our down duvets.

As the customer walks out the door my final words to them are thank you and  I suggest “take extra  care of the duvets, and you will be  rewarded you  years of comfort and warmth., It does get better with age”

Before I discuss storage over the winter months here are some some quick day to day ideas that will enhance the storage process

1) Fluff your down duvet often. Airing it outside on sunny dry days.
2) Use a duvet cover whenever possible
As far as storage:

1) You can use the bags we ship them in., Yes the zippered storage bags do breathe if you look along the bottom and side, you will see that it is made of white breathable fabric we specially design these bags to allow the duvet to breathe while in the store shelve or in the customers home in storage. Say you do not have the original bag that we shipped it to you, store in cloth bag or wrap in sheet , pillow case, camp bag with drawstring and bundle up DO NOT  store in plastic wrap, bag, wrap your down bedding in cotton so it can breath.
2) Keep the duvet in a dry location.
3) Before  folding and storing give it a good shake out loosen up the down in case it got clumpy from humidity
4) When you take it out of storage, try to do it in a sunny dry day . Again shake out and leave outside it will freshen up and when you use again it will fell as new.


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