Fabrivs for TV and Theater

(10:29:04) Customer Service How can I help you?
(10:29:37) Visitor I am producing a show and I see that you sell fabrics. What fabrics do you have that I could use for our backdrops and possibly some props and costumes?
(10:32:46) Customer Service We have many items including finished goods, tablecloths, blankets and a lot of fabric.
(10:33:37) Visitor Our design department makes a lot of the props and costumes. Do you have shirting materials in colour?
(10:34:20) Customer Service Yes. We carry broadcloth fabric
(10:34:22) Customer Service
batting for snow   http://hometex.ca/hometex-category-list/polyester-quilt-batting-craft-batting

polyester stuffing   http://hometex.ca/hometex-category-list/polyester-stuffing

backdrop fabric  http://hometex.ca/hometex-category-list/fabrics/backdrop-fabric

cheesecloth  http://hometex.ca/hometex-category-list/fabrics/cheesecloth

unbleached cotton   http://hometex.ca/hometex-category-list/fabrics/unbleached-cotton-muslin

broadcloth fabric  http://hometex.ca/hometex-category-list/fabrics/broadcloth
(10:35:20) Visitor Thank you for the links, I will check them out
(10:35:41) Customer Service please let us know if there is anything else
(10:35:42) Visitor Do you offer discounts to businesses?
(10:36:08) Customer Service Yes. We have price tiers in place that will give you quantity discounts.
(10:39:00) Visitor Perfect, thank you. Do you give credit?
(10:39:26) Customer Service Yes. To bona fide businesses and institutions

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