Inexpensive Pillow Forms for Home Staging

Visitor – (11:25:41)  - Hi we had recently ordered down feather pillow inserts and we received the shipment for the same this morning. We are pretty happy with the quality and this time we need something that is a little cheaper than the ones we ordered. These will be meant for decorating the bed and wouldn’t be used as sleeping pillows.

Customer Service – (11:26:12) - Oh good to know that you are happy with the product you received. Let me check what else I can offer you. You mentioned you just need these pillows for show right?

Visitor – (11:26:21) - Yes

Customer Service – (11:26:23) - In that case you can check out our range of pillow inserts that can be used as sleeping pillows too. They come in standard, queen and king size. The outer material for these pillows is the same as our other pillows, which is polypropylene fabric. The best part that will work in your favor is the fact that these are as fluffy and have the same good looks like our regular pillows but are about 15% cheaper than the standard pillows.

Visitor – (11:27:15) - I guess that sounds reasonable. How can I order these pillows? I need 25 queen size, 25 in king size and 20 standard size pillows, all of these will go to decorate our ***** suite.

Customer Service – (11:27:41) - You can order these on the same website you used the last time –

Visitor – (11:27:45) - What about the shipping?

Customer Service – (11:27:48) - These too will be compressed like our other pillow ranges so you save on shipping too. The same standard procedure applies once you receive them, release the pillow from the packaging and let it soak in the air and you will get proper fluffy pillows within a matter of 3 hours.

Visitor – (11:28:13) - Sounds good. I need them shipped at A*****a by next weekend, the same address as before. Is that possible?

Customer Service – (11:28:21) - If you place the order right away I can ensure they go in production today itself and I will have them ready to be shipped by tomorrow or latest the day after. If the order is placed on time, I am positive you will receive your shipment by next week.

Visitor – (11:28:40) - That sounds fine. I will go ahead and place an order right away.

Customer Service – (11:28:48) - I was checking our previous chat conversation and as per that you were keen on king size duvets and some table cloths too. Do you want to order them now? The shipping cost will be drastically less.

Visitor – (11:28:59) -Yes I was about to ask you about the same. I wanted to order 10 king size duvets and 15 table cloths and also a few white bath towels. We are in the middle of upgrading our suites so I guess I can also check some other stuff too.

Customer Service – (11:29:19) - Sure, you can check out our website and see whatever you need. But remember if you need the shipment to reach by next week, it is better you place the order now.

Visitor – (11:29:37) -I will. I will login and place an order right now.

Customer Service – (11:29:46) - Once you confirm your order, you can login back to the website same time tomorrow and you will get a tracking number for your shipment, so you can track your delivery real-time.

Visitor – (11:30:05) - OK, if I remember I will definitely log in tomorrow. Thank you for everything.

Customer Service – (11:30:13) -You are welcome and have a good day.


To protect the privacy of our clients, certain details have been modified.

***** ID blanked out for privacy
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