Pillow Forms Shipping & Compressed Shipping of our Pillow Inserts

September 16/2013

(11:54:23)  Visitor - Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me how much shipping of 40 12x18 pillow forms to Edmonton would be?


(11:54:49) Customer Service - The shipping for the 40, 12x18 pillow forms to Edmonton would be $30 to $40 range,

(11:55:54)  Customer Service - you can calculate the shipping charges on the web site , it should appear in your shopping cart.


(12:00:43)  Visitor Ok great. Thanks Pillow forms,

(12:14:08)  Visitor - Another question...I have noticed that you recommend decompressing pillows within 30 days. I ship pillows forms all over Canada, and it would be helpful to leave them compressed longer. Will this significantly affect the quality? Also in a video I saw you can put a company name on the package. Is this extra?


(12:14:48)  Customer Service -  we can individually compress the pillows, which allows them to stay compressed longer

(12:15:06)  Customer Service - problem is, sometimes the bags start to breath and the pillows decompress themselves

(12:15:24)  Customer Service - yes, we can put your company name on the pillows forms bags,


(12:16:14) Visitor - That's perfect, I will be ordering 40, 12x18 pillow forms to Edmonton, and with my company name too,

(12:16:14) Visitor - thanks a lot for your help, and Pillow form provide fantastic quality products.


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