Polyester Fibres Used in Making our Pillow Forms

(14:07:05)  Visitor - Are your Pillow forms made of new fibres, it's very important to us that the pillow forms we purchase are made of new fibre.
My previous supplier was putting recycled fibre in our pillows

(14:07:37) Customer Service - Yes, we provide pillows which are made of 100% white non recycled siliconized conjugate fibre, 51mm x 15 denier.
I understand recycled fibre is less expensive, however the quality of the pillow suffers unless you use new non recycle polyester fibre

(14:07:48) visitor - What does conjugate mean?

(14:08:30) Customer - Service conjugate is the twist in the fibre that gives it the springiness and bounce back.

(14:09:52) visitor - sorry to be a pest but I am filling out a government contract please explain the terms?

(14:10:51) Customer Service-  hollow means that the fibres are like a straw and have channels so that it enhances the softness and bounce back.

(14:11:03) visitor - you mentioned 'siliconized'?

(14:12:47) Customer Service - that is the the fibre is slick it makes it easier for us to fill the pillows evenly so that you have a smooth surface. Many pillows and pillow forms have bumps on the outside, you will see from our videos and online pictures that our pillow inserts and pillow forms as well as our sleeping pillows are well formed and filled.

(14:13:16) visitor - please explain the numbers at the end

(14:17:00) customer service - the numbers in the beginning refers to the length of the fibres, 51 mm is a common length for betting products shorter length are used for clothing and longer length are used for furniture the denier is the thickness of the fibre bedding products use between 7 and 15 denier fibres.

(14:17:24) visitor-  can I get a sample of your pillow form  for assessment and washing?

(14:18:26) Customer Service - Please let us know what size you require and we will prepare the pillow forms for you, you may pick up or arrange for a delivery, We do not charge for samples under $5.00.

(14:19:39) visitor - nice, please arrange a sample of your standard sleeping pillow compressed, for ***** hotel suppliers in Canada Ottawa. And i will have it picked up.

14:20:51) Customer Service - we will have the pillow insert ready for you within 2 hours it will be at the side shipping counter , with our business card.

(14:21:00)  visitor  thank you, great service .

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