Premium Burlap for Interior Use

Visitor (04:21:28) – Do you have Burlap in stock? I had earlier ordered lace trim from your website and had seen that you sell Burlap as well.  I am planning a vintage themed engagement party for our son and need Burlap table runners, Burlap curtain and Burlap drapes for the décor.

Customer service - (04:22:03) – Yes absolutely, Burlap is one of our fastest selling product and hence it is always in stock. Is this an indoor or an outdoor party? The reason I asked this is because we have Burlap that is used for outdoor parties whereas we have special premium quality Burlap that is perfect for interiors.

Visitor – (04:22:42) - Well it is going to be an indoor party for around 70 people. What is the difference between normal and premium quality Burlap?

Customer Service – (04:22:59) - As compared to normal Burlap, premium Burlap has a finer weave and is clean and sanitized for indoor use. Also it doesn’t have the typical linseed oil scent that is associated with normal Burlap. The texture of premium quality Burlap is smoother as compared to normal Burlap and hence a lot of people prefer the premium quality Burlap table runners.

Visitor – (04:23:39) - That sounds good. I wasn’t aware that there are different grades of Burlap. I would definitely want to opt for the premium quality Burlap table runners. What about the curtains and drapes?

Customer Service – (04:23:57) - At present we just have table runners in premium Burlap so the curtains and drapes will have to be from normal Burlap.

Visitor – (04:24:11) - No problem, I will place the order for the same now.

Customer Service – (04:24:23) - Also you can check out our entire rustic wedding and Burlap collection as we have a lot of different products made from Burlap that you can use for your party.

Visitor – (04:24:49) - I will do that, Thank you for your help!

Customer Service – (04:24:57) - My pleasure.

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