Premium Burlap for Weddings

(14:12:22)  Visitor  Hello, I want to buy some burlap for my daughter’s wedding.
(14:12:41)  Customer Service Hi, we have several kinds of burlap products that would be suitable for a wedding. We carry everything from table runners and aisle runners to burlap ribbons, rolls and tablecloths.
(14:15:25) Visitor I’m looking for some table runners and burlap rolls. Do you have any of that scent free kind of burlap?
(14:16:13) Customer Service  Yes we do have the premium scent free burlap, it has a tighter weave and is linseed oil scent free.  What sized runners and burlap rolls do you need?
Visitor  I think the 14x180 will be long enough to cover the tables and give me the amount of hang over that I want. I also need some of the burlap ribbon or rolls because I’m going to wrap some of the indoor trees we’re getting for decoration with bits of burlap. What size would you recommend?
Customer Service  I would recommend getting the 4” or 6” ribbon for wrapping because it  will allow for good coverage without getting too bunched up or overcrowding and completely covering the tree. You can also pair it with some of our lace, we currently have some on sale in our clearance section
Visitor  What an excellent idea! I will check out the lace that you sell, if it goes nicely with the burlap and our current decorations I will definitely be buying some. If I order online can I pick it up in the store? I live a little bit outside of Toronto
Customer Service  Yes you can pick it up at our warehouse, 200 Bentworth Avenue, 8:30 – 5 Monday to Thursday and 8:30 to 3 on Fridays
Visitor  Thank you very much I will place my order online later today
Customer Service  Sounds like a plan. If you need anymore help with anything, please do not hesitate to ask us
Visitor  thanks


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