Shipping Options and Rustic Wedding

Sep5 /2013

(09:50:54) Visitor - Hi, I'm wondering if you can help me with the Fedex shipping for your burlap runners?

(09:51:24) Visitor-  Will a signature be required? because I also need to change the address (Canada Ottawa) on my order for the Burlap runners.


(09:51:37) Customer Service- okay, what is your concern about the Burlap Runners? We have all the Burlap Fabric products in stock.


(09:52:15) Visitor-  I just need to know, if I ship the Burlap Runners, will the Fedex shipping service require my signature or will they just drop my order of the Burlap runners?


(09:52:29) Customer Service - okay, usually signatures are not required, However it's best to have it shipped where some one is able to recieve it.

(09:52:48) Customer Service - i.e I can request that they "Leave on porch if not home"

(09:52:57) Customer Service - 95% of the time, it goes without a hitch


(09:53:04) Visitor- Okay, that would be good, as no-one will be at home at the time.

(09:53:13) Visitor - During regular hours of shipping


(09:53:27) Customer Service - Please make sure that you make a note for the order to leave at the door, if you're not home,


(09:53:39) Visitor- Ok I will do that,

(09:53:46)  Visitor - Thanks we need these for a rustic wedding , we already have the burlap tablecloths and burlap napkins , My friend bought the pillow forms from you and she recommended we contact you


(09:53:48)  Customer Service- no problem.


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