Redesign with Burlap Curtains

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If you think that  burlap curtains will make a room look cheap and dull you are wrong. Burlap curtains or burlap drapes can be beautiful. It will depend on the quality of the burlap fabric its texture, color, thread, tie and finish. It can be used in any part of your home. I have used it in all the rooms in our house and I love how it creates a light, unique and relaxing mood. I have even used it as a shower curtain and it works great and looks fantastic.

Professional interior designers use burlap drapery to decorate and revamp a boring room. Having a burlap curtain in a room makes a relaxing and light feeling. The kind of mood that a burlap curtain creates is also perfect for cafes. Most people I have spoken with said they like using a burlap curtains because it does not block too much sun light but it still provides the privacy that they want from window treatments

A High Quality Product

Read the feedback we received “I recently purchased a burlap curtain from and I love the curtains. It came with 30 inch ties that look great with the curtains. Both the curtain and the ties are sewn all around with matching threads. I am always very concerned with packaging when buying online, and I would say that this one is nicely packed.It seems that this is a new item. I have not seen this before in their website. I like how this drapery creates a natural look. I like having a burlap curtain in my home office, I feel like it stimulates my creativity. Another thing that I liked about it aside from having a very good quality is where it is made, it’s made in Canada

burlap curtain sewn serged bottom burlap curtain showing sewn serged bottom
burlap curtain burlap curtain ties finished with matching coloured threads.2 ( 1 free) per panel

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