Serplab SEO Rankings Tool

A shout out to our new favourite program, serplab. We were looking for a tool to measure our rankings for certain terms on our website and found this. Serplab is so beautifully laid out that the program works near flawlessly to provided us everything we want in a "Search Engine Results Page" with way more features then we could have even imagined. Not only is this program great as it is but it is constantly being updated by the developers, who as it turns out take customer recommendations for updates and upgrades of the program.

As a website with lots of different products it is curtail for us to know exactly where we are on the search engines pages for the common key terms. This helps us invest our time and energies into trying to rank for the key words where we are already strong as well as improve our rankings for the ones that rank lower.

Why stop at one? We have multiple websites and we can now measure our rankings and statistics for ALL our sites on the same program. We just add all of our sites and set the desired keywords for each specific site.


We highly recommend this program to anyone trying to make their mark on the web. This tool will help you figure out exactly which terms you are strong in and which you should try to boost with SEO.

Thanks Serplab, keep it coming!

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