Why Rustic Weddings are so Popular

Booming Burlap Sales

Rustic weddings have become all the rage and has created a mini-boom in business here at HomeTex.ca where we carry the largest variety of burlap widths in Canada. There are so many brides who have searched wide and far but have trouble finding a reliable Canadian source for their burlap fabric needs. It can be quite challenging when one is attempting to plan an entire wedding, but is having a hard time finding the backbone of a rustic-style wedding, where the burlap table runners is the backbone to creating an authentic farm/country atmosphere.

We so often hear that we were so easy to find and “where were you guys 3 years ago when I looked back then?”. This is why we push hard to boost our web presence as we feel that we are not only generating revenue, but providing a much needed service to many brides to be. It is quite satisfying to know how many weddings we are involved in; had someone asked us five years ago if we would be wedding suppliers we probably would have laughed and called them insane.

What is it about a rustic wedding that is so appealing to many brides? My theory is that it has a lot to do with more modern women (here in Canada women have more equality than anywhere else in the world) who are looking to buck the trend of “traditional” weddings which presume roles for man and woman. In many ways, these rustic weddings allow young couples to express their individuality and their love for the simpler things in life. It rejects the notion that a wedding needs to be super-fancy and cost thousands of dollars and promotes the basic underpinnings of what a wedding is all about – two people making a public announcement of their love for each other.

Back before our lines of communication became so stuffed with social media, relationships were based solely on face to face, one on one communication. A rustic event pays homage to a simpler time when relationships and communications were far simpler. It is this very human message which strikes a cord with so many and inspires people to create a unique rustic wedding. Guests who come to these weddings are less inclined to be on their cell phones since the atmosphere imbues a natural, human environment.

I have yet to attend a rustic wedding yet, but have received pictures and comments from many happy customers over the past few years. Any bride (or groom for that matter) who would like to send us pictures to post, with a short blurb of how the even went, please do so and we will post it to our blog here. We are very proud to be involved in various matrimonial ceremonies and will continue to carry rustic wedding burlap for many years to come.

Recently, we added a few new variations of width of our burlap rolls to make life easier for many brides. You can click on any of these links here to see what is available for sale. No longer do you have to purchase only a 40″ wide or 60″ wide roll, they are now available as slim as 4″ wide (this width is usually used for tree wrap) as well as the more popular 12″ and 18″ widths that are ideal for use as table runners. This is all part of our effort to better service our customer base with an ever increasing variety of products.


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