Why we overstuff our Pillow Inserts

Here at HomeTex.ca, we have a firm policy to make all of our pillow inserts over-stuffed with polyester fiber. Some of our higher-end customers ask us why we put so much fiber inside, instead of putting in an industry standard filling. What it truly is about is product differentiation; when a customer sees our pillow forms, they know that we haven’t skimped out on quality and that they are getting the full bang for their buck. The other part of the equation is that we often ship the pillow inserts compressed – by putting in more polyester fibre we allow them to better withstand compression. Our pillow forms bounce back from compression almost as good as new, something our competitors cannot match.

The surest way to lose a customer is to send them a pillow which is limp and has the look and feel of a sub-standard product. We are very much against losing any customer and have thus adopted the strategy of “it’s better to over-deliver than under-deliver”.


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