Why You Should Use Waterproof Mattress Pads

Posted on by hometex

Why use waterproof mattress pads and not a regular mattress protector with a vinyl mattress cover on top? It is by far a much cheaper solution than the more expensive combined solution. The answer is very simple and pertains to the wash ability, usability and durability of a well-made waterproof mattress pads. A well constructed waterproof mattress pad has the unique ability to feel like a regular mattress pad but act as both a moisture barrier AND and as an extra layer of protection for the mattress.

It is important that the underlying vinyl barrier is washable. Be careful when you are purchasing that it is in fact machine washable, otherwise your entire investment will go down the drain. Some companies will stick a cheap PVC on the bottom hoping to fool consumers into thinking it is the real deal. Always go for the Made in Canada option as that is usually a good indicator of reliability.

Other factors relating to the quality is the thickness of the mattress pad. A thin one will make you feel the plastic whenever you lie on it (the other advantage of the waterproof mattress pad is that you won’t feel the plastic at all – assuming the quality is good).

What is ultimately boils down to is the amount of protection you need for your mattress. For incontinence, it is essential to have a waterproof cover of some sort, but one should not sacrifice comfort for it. When then water barrier is sewn underneath a full, thick quilted cover it is hardly felt, especially when the vinyl fabric itself is a special material intended for that specific purpose.


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