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Why the Fee?

Some of our customers are curious as to why we charge for our product samples. Samples should be free after all, right? Well, when we charge for our samples, we are trying to ensure that our customers are invested in our products so we can accurately gauge their interest and satisfaction. That is why we offer the customer credit that is double the value of the sample toward their first order (must be minimum $100 before tax & shipping to qualify for the double credit).

In the past, we have followed up with sample orders only to be told:

1)       “I am not in charge of buying, I have passed your sample on to the buyer.”

2)       “I am sorry, it is still sitting in our mail room and has not been touched yet”

3)      “I am comparing with other samples and I am just waiting for them to come in.”

4)      “Oh, we actually do not need it for another 3 months.”

As mentioned above, when a sampling customer does order items from us, we offer a coupon that is worth double the cost of the sample. That means if the sample cost $5 and then the customers actually buys something from us, we credit $10 toward their order (provided the customer informs us that they had previously purchased a sample and would like to redeem said credit). For orders over $100, you can request up to 2 samples that we will send you for free. Just send us a separate email with the details. Credit limited to maximum of $30 per $100.00 of order (before tax).

We are committed to offering our customers quality products and we take our customer feedback very seriously and we try to improve accordingly.

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