Polyester Stuffing

Our polyester stuffing is made from 100% new, white hollow siliconized conjugate polyester fibers. These fibers are processed by our specialized machines to ensure the fibers are opened up to their full loft potential. Processing the fibers in this way helps ensure maximum fluffiness every time and helps keep the fibers stable for loft retention.

Polyester is a synthetic material that can be processed in a multitude of ways. Synthetic materials are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and mildew. Not only does this mean that it is a great option for allergy sufferers, but you can actually wash the stuffing in the washing machine (very gentle, cold water) and dry it in the dryer (lowest heat setting) Click here for more info about washing our polyester filled pillow inserts.

When stuffing pillows, the most important this is your feel preference. Do you like a more firm and supportive pillow or do you like a soft pillow? To put some numbers on this, we use approximately 1 lb of stuffing in one 18" x 18" polyester filled pillow insert, and it is a firm, overstuffed insert. One standard bed size pillow (20" x 26") takes about 1.8 lb of stuffing.

n addition to stuffing pillow forms and toys, this plush can be used to stuff anything soft or can be used as fake snow or cloud for sets and decorations. 

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Production photos courtesy of Elizabeth M.

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