What Size Pillow Form Do I Need?

Pillow Form Size Depends on the Fill Weight

What size pillow form should I use as compared to the cover? This is a common question asked by many of our clients. The quick answer is to go at least one inch bigger than the cushion cover. The main source of confusion usually stems from the lower quality product found at the big-box stores - often they are understuffed to reduce costs. This often leads people to believe that they need to go MUCH bigger than their cover in order to get a nice, full look. At HomeTex, we fill each and every insert to a nice, plump weight. The weights are clearly listed on each polyester filled pillow form, an indication of the quality as well as an indication of the fill amount.

Polyester Filled Pillow Forms (aka Cushion Inserts)

As mentioned above, we use a generous amount of stuffing to fill all of our polyfill products. Our commitment to full, fluffy forms is what drives the repeat business on our manufacturing side. What does this mean to you in terms of determining the ideal size? In most cases, you want to go a little bit larger with the insert, but no more than 2" bigger. Not all cushion covers are created equal. Therefore the size of the insert required tends to vary. Pillow FormsThis is due to variations in where the covers are sewn; two covers can have the same size fabric, however if one is sewn slightly farther from the edge then it will act as a smaller cover. 

We sometimes get the question about how to measure the size of the pillow form. From time to time customers call us and inquire if they received the wrong size since they are measuring the filled form. The proper way to measure is to measure the pillow form when it is not filled at all, this ensures that the cover will fit as well. When filled up, the sides scrunch together, creating an illusion of a smaller pillow form.

Conclusion: Most of the time, go 1" larger (the insert should be bigger than the cover). If you are unsure, order one (1) piece before placing a large order. We are happy to ship out trial orders to our clients to ensure the right size is shipped.

Down/Feather filled Pillow Forms

We created our down/feather pillow form line as a complement to our manufacturing line of polyester filled pillow forms. Down/feather inserts are designed to have a more relaxed look - this means they look flatter than their synthetic counterparts. Pillow FormsThus, for down/feather cushion forms, we recommend using an insert that is 2" bigger than the cover. This will make sure the corners are nicely filled without compromising the classic down/feather filled look. If you are still unsure, check out our chart of recommended pillow form sizes. You can also download out recommended size chart.

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