Sublimation: Paint by Heat

By Jordan Sotto


The DIY creative possibilities are endless with Sublimatable fabrics! Sublimation is a heat-based method of transferring a dye print onto a target medium. Sublimation is very versatile; it can be applied to many mediums such as polyester, microfiber and ceramic. The actual transfer process is rather easy, but everyone’s heat press is slightly different and results can vary based on your settings.

Our sublimation pillow covers are ready for printing right out of the bag, no extra prep work required! We recommend pressing on
medium pressure for about 60 seconds at 400 degrees Fahrenheit (205 Celcius) with a piece of parchment paper inside top prevent bleed-through of the dye ink. Our covers are made out of 100% polyester that will not shrink under the heat press. Polyester is one of the leading synthetic fibers for sublimation, since it soaks up the dyes and inks very eagerly, leaving you with a beautifully vivid and crisp image transfer.Sublimation must be on a light colored medium, so these covers are plain white, ready and willing to soak up your ink. Our white polyester aprons also work extremely well for sublimation 

The sublimation covers feel like smoothly combed cotton and include a hidden zipper so you can easily insert or remove the pillow form while maintaining the classiness. Both the covers and aprons can also take Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), which can be applied to light and dark colored fabric. The heat and timing must be adjusted to a lower setting than the sublimation temperatures.

If you are getting blue dots or dye spots, try lint-rolling or pre-treating the fabric before you attempt to sublimate or do a heat transfer.


Sublimation on Pillow Cover

Sublimation on Polyester Apron

Heat Transfer Vinyl on Polyester Aprons

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