How Much Stuffing?

By Jordan Sotto

Our polyester stuffing is made from 100% brand-new, non recycled, 100% hollow siliconized conjugate polyester fibers. The stuffing is odourless, mildew proof and hypoallergenic, so allergy-sufferers needn’t worry. The fiber is naturally soft and has a high loft (very puffy) which makes it ideal for stuffing pillows, bears and dolls. The amount of stuffing you require is entirely up to your plumpness preference. This stuffing is machine washable in cold water. 1LB will fill 1x 18” x 18 pillow form. 2 LB will fill 1x standard sleeping pillow (20” x 26”). Great to stuff anything plush or use as fake snow or cloud. We offer stuffing both in bulk and in smaller retail sizes, complete with UPC code and label.

How much stuffing do I need for my project?
We get this question a lot. In an effort to gauge quantity needs, here follows a few basic guidelines. Everyone’s project is different. Everyone’s feel and taste is different. These are merely approximations for you to gauge how much quantity your project may need.

3 pounds of stuffing will fill:

3x 18” x 18” Pillow Inserts.
2x 20” x 30” Pet Bed Inserts
1x 30” x 45” Pet Bed Insert
1x Floor Pillow
3x 15” Stuffed Toys
15x 6” Stuffed Toys
25 Feet of Fake Snow or Cloud

fake snow polyester filled dolls

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