Polyester Filled Pillow Inserts

Polyester Filled Pillow

Hometex.ca has been manufacturing in Canada since 1952. We serve smaller independent store, home crafters, artisans and institutions. As a manufacturer, we are able to offer high quality

Processing Polyester Fibers

products at competitive prices. Our Polyester Filled Pillow Inserts are made in our Toronto facility. Each pillow form is carefully weighed and generously stuffed will all-new 100% water resistant polyester

fibers. These polyester fibers are processed with our special machinery so that the fibers can reach their full loft potential, thus ensuring maximum stuffing fluffiness. As polyester is a synthetic material, it is naturally hypoallergenic and mold/mildew resistant. This means that our standard polypropylene shell polyester filled pillows can be used as outdoor pillows when paired with a waterproof pillow cover.


Hand Made Pillow Inserts

Our polyester cushion inserts are filled by hand, and we take pride in our

Polyester Fill

staff’s ability to fill each pillow to its ideal weight. Each and every pillow insert is inspected and weighed before shipping in an effort to minimize flaws and defects. Our factory foreman supervises all of the production, and he ensures that all of our quality control procedures are meticulously followed.

What Size Pillow Form to Buy?

What size pillow form should I buy? This is a question that we get a lot. There are a lot of factors that go into this decision. Our pillow forms are generously overstuffed, giving you a nice, plump pillow. As a general rule, we recommend to buy an insert 1” larger than your cover for covers 17” x 17” and smaller. For covers 18” x 18” and larger we recommend going 2” bigger with the insert. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference and how you want your pillow to feel – more on the soft side or more on the firm side? We do make custom size pillows and we can adjust the amount of fill that we put inside any of our polyester filled pillows. Contact us for more details about custom pillows. For more information about sizing, including our sizing recommendation chart, see our blog article What Size Pillow Form Do I Need?

Standard Shell VS Upgraded Shell
Our standard polypropylene shell pillow inserts remain our most popular product that customers order from us. We do offer an upgraded microfiber  polyester shell for select popular sizes. Both the standard non-woven (pressed) polypropylene and microfiber covers are made of  polyester fibers that is 100% hypoallergenic and mold/mildew resistant. This makes them a good choice for outdoor pillows when paired with a waterproof cover. The microfiber polyester shell lends a bit more strength to the overall pillow, and feels very soft and smooth to the touch. It should noted that regardless of shell type, both the standard and upgraded shell pillows are filled with the exact same amount of polyester fill.

Pillow Insert Shells


Adjustable Pillow Inserts
Our new adjustable pillow insert can be perfectly adjusted to anyone and 
everyone on an individual basis. The soft microfiber polyester shell comes with a small zipper on the corner that allows for easy addition or

Adjustable Pillow

subtraction of the fiber fill. We intentionally overfill the pillows with extra fill to accommodate individuals who like a super firm pillow. For those that like their pillow a little softer, simply open the zipper and remove some of the fiber fill. Since the enclosure is zippered and not sewn shut, you can add or subtract anytime according to your current preference.

Bulk Packaging VS Individually Packaged
We are a working factory and regularly fill large orders for customers. As such, we are able to package our polyester filled with standard

Bulk Compressed

shell in bulk. This means that we stuff as many as we can fit into a bag and use a specialized air vacuum to suck out as much air from the package as possible. Not only does this allow us to pack more pillows into one box, because we are able to reduce the overall size of the bundle, it also saves you shipping costs. Once you open the package the pillows will automatically self-inflate back to their proper size.See video of our bulk compressing here.

Individually compressed and packaged pillows are good for customers that re-sell our pillows to their own clients. We can put custom labels on each individually packaged pillow

Individually Compressed

insert with your company name/logo and any relevant technical or care information you wish to include. The result is a very professional and retail ready package. With this option, each pillow is individually compressed and will remain so until the packaging is opened, at which point the insert will rapidly re-inflate back to normal size, so you can sell one at a time and not have to worry about an entire box of pillows inflating when you open the package. See video of an individually compressed pillow here.

Committed to Customer Service
We are proud to be a Canadian company and have been serving our Canadian customers for over 60 years! We pride ourselves on our products and our customer service. We are committed to responding to phone calls and emails in a timely manner.

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