• 100% recycled hypoallergenic, high loft, polyester fibers
  • Processed by our machines to be super fluffy and soft
  • Off-white finish to the polyester fill
  • Hypoallergenic and mold and mildew resistant
  • Perfect for pillows, stuffed animals, fighting dummies, arts and crafts

šŸ“¦FurtherĀ wholesale discounts and case quantities availableĀ pleaseĀ contact us for details.Ā šŸ“¦

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Sku: RSTU30B

100% recycled polyester is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional polyester filling commonly used in pillows, cushions, and stuffed toys. It is made entirely from recycled materials. This sustainable option helps reduce the environmental impact of waste by giving it a new life in the form of a comfortable and supportive filling material. Choosing products with 100% recycled polyester is a step towards promoting a circular economy and minimizing the reliance on new materials.

This product has a distinct difference between our regular polyester stuffing.Ā This product gives off a off-white color, as in comparison to our non-recycled polyester that gives a white color.


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