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Customer: (13:22:24 PM) Hello. I'm Roland representing the Alpine Hut. You might have heard about us, we have a few branches of our restaurant all across Canada. Our kitchens are one of the best kitchens in all of the Canadian restaurants. I was looking for good quality and durable cheesecloth fabric for our kitchens.

Sales desk: (13:22:35 PM) sure sir, you've come to the right place. We are the sole distributors for cheesecloth in the whole of Canada. We have a wide range of cheesecloth grades varying from the Grade 10 to Grade 90.

Customer: (13:22:54 PM) That's great. I'm looking for the best quality cheesecloth you have suitable for culinary and kitchen purposes.

 Sales desk: (13:23:11 PM) sure sir. Usually Grade #60 and over are ideal for kitchens. You can choose accordingly as per requirements.

Customer: (13:23:25 PM) Okay, I’ll consult my superiors and update you on that. I will be ordering in bulk i.e. a large shipment of cheesecloth. Is there any discount applicable for such bulk orders?

Sales desk: (13:23:48 PM) Yes sir, our organization offers a discount for large shipments. We will give you the discount code if you finalize your order and confirm your order when we contact you with the same.

Customer: (13:24:15 PM) That’s perfect. I’ll just verify with my superior and place the order. Thank you so much.

Sales desk: (13:24:26 PM) You are welcome sir. We’re here to help, have a nice day.

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