Broadcloth vs Polyester Lining vs Polyester Table Fabric

When it comes to colored fabrics, many people are unsure which way to go. Broadcloth? Polyester Lining? Polyester Table Fabric? What are the differences, why go for one over the other?



Specifications: Our broadcloth is made from a blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. It is 45” wide and comes both by the yard and 30 meter bolts. Thread count: 110x76. Thread type 45x45. 105 GSM and 4oz/sq yd. These are double folded and we offer many different colors.

Application: This broadcloth is the thinnest option out of the three options. It is relatively inexpensive and therefore works great for arts and

crafts for schools, kids and experiments. This cloth is made from a blend of cotton and polyester muslin fibers for a

resilient weave. This material is still relatively dense and is very opaque and smooth. This fabric accepts dyes and paints very well and is able to stunningly reproduce bright, vivid pigment. Bottom line, if you need large quantities of fabric that doesn’t need to be super crisp and smooth, broadcloth is the one to go for.

Polyester Lining

Specifications: Our polyester lining is the middle of the road option. It is made from 100% polyester and is available both by the yard and in full rolls. This fabric is 60” wide. This fabric is machine washable, water repellent, mold and mildew resistant and coated with an anti-static finish. Available in several different colors.

Application: Due to the qualities listed above, polyester lining has many uses. Most commonly used in clothing and for outdoor uses. In terms of clothing, this fabric is used as a lining, which gives the garment more structure, durability and a more tailored fabric drape on the body. It is stretch resistant but still retains a little give in order to have a nice natural fit. The water repellent feature is another reason why this fabric used in raincoats, shower curtains, flags and teepees. The polyester lining dries quickly and is machine washable. It is durable, won’t rip or tear easily and won’t stick from static. This fabric is also great to paint on. Bottom line, while this fabric is slightly more expensive than broadcloth, it is still relatively inexpensive but more durable and less likely to wrinkle or stretch out of shape. It can be used both for indoor/dry projects and outdoor decorations because it can be exposed to rain or water without being ruined. It can also be used in the home to protect furniture and is very easy to clean.

Polyester Table Fabric

Specifications:  Our polyester table fabric is the heaviest and most costly of the three options. 60” wide, 170 GSM and clocks in at an incredible 260 g/mtr sq. The yarn size is 300d x 300d. It is made from 100% polyester fibers, machine washable, fade resistant and color fast. This fabric CAN be dried in the dryer (on low temperature). Available in a few different popular colors.

Application: This fabric is the most structurally sound of the three options. The polyester fibers are spun into the filament yarn structure and ensure firm structural integrity at the micro level, which helps fight loose threads, tearing and unravelling. Despite the increased integrity, this fabric is rather lightweight and easy to handle. This fabric accepts paints and dyes eagerly, and will produce bright vivid colors nicely. The fabric is fade resistant and can endure up to 500 hours of direct exposure to sunlight without colors fading. This makes it the ideal fabric for outdoor summertime use. In addition, the material is resistant to most chemical substance damage. Bottom line: If you want the highest quality fabric out of the three options, this is your best bet. It is great for long use outdoors exposed to the sun and is the most durable of the three. While it is not water repellent, it is great for painting or dyeing and is very easy to clean, just throw it in the washer and dryer. This fabric contains the thickest weave and can hold up to a lot of abuse. It is most commonly used as a tablecloth but the uses are really infinite. The color fast dyes hold up to multiple washings and will keep its vividness for a long time.

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