Burlap and lace is a match made in decoration heaven. Burlap is used to add a classically Burlap and Lace Runnert Wedding Decorationquaint and rustic feel to any sort of décor scheme or event. Made from 100% natural jute fibers, burlap is an eco friendly, biodegradable decoration fabric that really helps bring the look of the room together. While burlap on its own is a lovely piece of fabric, pairing it with lace trim really takes things to the next level. The lace brings a Burlap and Lace placematflare of affluent style and elegance to a rustic fabric. It is like the blending of rural rustic and urban chic.

Some of the most popular settings for these burlap and lace creations are in a wedding setting. Whether it is for the bridal shower, engagement party or the wedding itself, burlap is emerging as a strong decoration choice. Rustic weddings are gaining popularity and the decorations are just stunning. Burlap table runners and placemats, both with Burlap and Lace Table Runnerand without lace are chief among the common decorations, but notable mentions are burlap tablecloths and pillow covers (used for ring-bearer pillows).

Events such as weddings have people divided on whether they should save time and stress and just buy pre-made and ready decorations or to DIY and create stunning hand-made decorations. Both options are totally doable and subject to each individual’s preference and we do Burlap and Lace Pillowoffer already premade burlap with lace items. If you have the time to go DIY, however, burlap and lace are great for creating handmade decorations. Our burlap and lace are very easy to cut and sew, both by hand and by machine. In addition to this, it’s a great way to show off your skills as an individual. Furthermore, it is so much fun to do it as a group. So get your friends together for a sewing session; our burlap and lace await your creative genius!

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