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By Jordan Sotto

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Visitor – (08:52:17) – Hello, my name is Cherry. I have a doubt regarding your inventory that I hope you can clear. Does your inventory hold something in sleeping pillows which isn’t high on the price but does not compromise on the quality?

Customer Service – (08:52:59) Hello Cherry, yes we do have what you are looking for. However you have to be more specific, do you need the pillows for home staging purposes like décor or just for sleeping purposes?

Visitor – (08:53:10) – Even though I am interested in having the décor pillows, I have to settle in for the sleeping pillows. What other options do you have, by the way?

Customer Service – (08:53:17) – Alright, I have noted that down. Under sleeping pillows, I recommend you try the down/feather fill pillows and if you’re looking for something towards the less expensive side for the décor, you should try the polyester fill pillow forms. The polyester fill pillow forms are unique and differ from other pillows as they are soft and fluffy similar to the down/feather pillow fills but can also be used for sleeping purposes unlike the others. Moreover, they are available at a very low cost when compared to the standard feather fill pillows which is what makes them favorites.

Visitor – (08:54:03) - Oh, that’s brilliant! I am now considering that option. I have found exactly what I was looking for. How do I proceed next?

Customer Service – (08:54:11) – If you are interested, we have the same material in a variety of shapes and sizes which you can use as décor pillow forms. This will create a mosaic of different size and shapes which can easily enhance the look of any room and elevate the levels of coziness associated with the room.

Visitor – (08:54:31) – Those are truly a designer’s words. For one of my projects, I will designing the living room of one of my client’s villa. She is very excited and wanted me to involve all kind of shapes like heart shaped and round pillows. Do you have those specifically?

Customer Service – (08:54:43) - Yes of course, we would! We take pride in hosting one of the largest inventories when it comes to pillows of various shapes and sizes. Apart from the ones you mentioned, we also have bolsters, rectangle, and square and with prior approval, we print customized designs too.

Visitor – (08:54:58) - That is ideal for any designer. I am pretty sure my supervisors would be very happy to know about something like this. Give me time to talk to my supervisor and get back to you with his feedback. Do you have any size chart I can follow where all of the standard sizes are available so that I can provide my client with all the details?

Customer Service – (08:55:12) - Sure, I will send the size chart as an attachment, right now roughly we have a vast spectrum of sizes of pillow forms available in the pillowforms section of our website. We have sizes ranging right from 10” to 60” pillows and also undertake specialized custom orders too.

Visitor – (08:55:31) – Okay, I will send the attachment and the link of your products to my supervisors and my product manager and move ahead with the need and requirement of quality and quantity of product. I will place the order soon, I’m waiting for their response and the numbers. In the meantime can you tell me about the details of delivery and shipping?

Customer Service – (08:55:46) – The rates for the delivery remain same as they were. Just as an introductory, you can use it while shipping, we compress our pillows and send so it helps in reducing shipping cost. All of the products you mentioned are in stock so once you place the order; we are ready to ship it by the next morning.

Visitor – (08:56:07) - That’s amazing. Let me get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for assistance.

Customer Service – (08:56:13) - My Pleasure! Have a nice day.

To protect the privacy of our clients, certain details have been modified.

***** ID blanked out for privacy

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