When it comes to decor cushions, there are two different types available. The first type is a cushion cover equipped with a zipper, which is filled with down/feather pillow form or a polyester filled cushion insert. On the other hand, the second type is an actual pillow, which is filled directly with no removable insert. This blog will help you choose between the two and pick the right one for you.

There is the first type which involves separation of the cushion cover and the insert has a distinctive advantage over the second type where filling the cover is done directly. In the former type, the insert can be replaced with a new insert if it gets damaged. Apart from the inserts, if your present cushion cover doesn’t impress you, you can always replace it with a new cover by applying it onto the old insert. It is a more efficient process. If you’re unsatisfied with the type of insert in your pillow, you can easily shift it from polyester to down/feather as per your liking. Most stores prefer to sell this type as they also get separate profits from the inserts. However, the various advantages are also accompanied with problems.

One of the major concerns is the cost of production seen in the cushion cover and insert method. Not only are two separate items required which increase manufacturing costs but also require a zipper, which pushes the cost higher up. The zipper quality is another point of concern where companies have faced many complaints from their customers. We, at Hometex, have also encountered customers who are satisfied with the quality of the pillow and pillow form but have a problem with the zipper.

The other option is the pre-filled decor cushion, which is suitable for you if you’re on a tight budget. You can purchase a pre-stuffed pillow provided you read the stuffing label and are sure of the quality of product and materials used. You must pay attention, for example if the label says “filled with 100% polyester fibers” it is uncertain if the fibers used were recycled or new. Be very cautious while purchasing this type of décor pillows.


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