Burlap In The Garden

By Jordan Sotto

Burlap fabric is an extremely versatile asset. They are used as a cloth, for bags, and even for rug hooking, making it a very valuable resource. This resource is exclusively available at Hometex. We, at Hometex, are constantly exploring and challenging ourselves with the potential of burlap as a fabric.

According to our recent evidence, we found out that burlap can be beneficial for your garden too. As the environment is involved, its safety is our top priority. Burlap is biodegradable and does not cause any harm to the flora around you. It has the ability to catalyze the process of germination of the seeds you plant in your garden. You can check it for yourself with a simple experiment; just lay a piece of burlap on top of the soil where you sow your seeds. While on top of the soil it, burlap restricts evaporation from taking place and helps in the retaining of water, which keeps the soil fertile. This way burlap contributes majorly in curbing soil pollution. Apart from that it also protects the seeds from predators like birds. Basically, burlap fabrics are more efficient and effective when compared to your regular scarecrow.

Burlap serves as a physical barrier between the seeds and the environment around, thereby restricting the growth of harmful weeds. All you have to do is simply lay it over specific areas around the seeds, which you desire to keep weed-free. Burlap can be placed either directly on the soil or on a stone pathway. The more popular use of burlap is for the technique of wrapping trees and plants, which is often done in winters. Although the fabric doesn’t provide any direct heat, it keeps the surroundings around it warm by restricting the effect of ice and the wind on the plant. It also protects the delicate branches of the plant from snowfall. A similar technique can be employed for the protection of smaller plants, flowers and fruits. You can wrap berries in burlap fabric to ensure that they aren’t eaten away by birds. If you’re moving plants while changing the soil or for any other reason, wrap the plant and flower roots in burlap fabric to avoid any significant damage from occurring. You can store the various foods that are harvested by wrapping them in burlap. For example, potatoes are ideal as the fabric in burlap is naturally porous.

Burlap fabric is available in different shapes and sizes on Hometex. You can get burlap fabric rolls, which spread for several yards that you can cut into sheets. You can also get burlap bags, which are ideal for storing potatoes or for the protection of flowers or small plants. If you don’t have a garden, you can essentially make a burlap bag your own garden. Simply fill several bags with soil and plant respective seeds in them and you’ll see your plants flourish. Why not take it a step further by using high-end burlap fabric strips as tree covers in adverse conditions?


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