Everything About Pillows You Should Know

By Jordan Sotto

If you often find yourself in two minds while purchasing pillows about the type of pillow form to choose and what size of pillow form would be ideal for you, you’ll find this very helpful. When it comes to pillow size, it is always advised to consider a size, which is at least an inch bigger than the cushion cover. The reason for choosing a bulkier version of the pillow is to ensure that the plumpness of a pillow is attained. Everybody loves a plump pillow. The plumpness comes into the equation when you’re looking into down/feather pillow forms, which don’t have an adequate amount of filling when compared to the polyester filled ones. We, at Hometex, expertise in pillow form engineering and are willing to take an extra step ahead to help our customers pick the pillows that they deserve.

When it comes to pillow form type, Hometex spoils you with choices. There are regular polyester filled pillows which are stuffed with a nice plump filling of the non-recycled siliconized conjugate. If you’re looking for high-quality soft pillows, there are Down/feather pillows, packed with a full fill weight stuffing of 5% goose down and 95% white goose feathers. The white goose feathers set a gold standard, which makes them a little expensive. If price is an issue, microfiber serve as an alternative to down/feather that is not just hypoallergenic but also machine washable. For special occasions, burlap pillows are ideal as they add elegance to any setting giving it a royal feeling as it balances modern and classical designs. If you have pets, consider our pet pillows which are specifically designed for your pet’s well-being.

Pillow forms, as commodity products, can be easily manufactured and produced, not to mention the fact that they are interchangeable. This is where Hometex plays a major role, as we try to revamp the concept of pillow forms by making them distinguishable. What differentiates our pillow forms from others available in the market is a personal touch that we detail on.

We, at Hometex, lay emphasis on consistency through our Total Quality Management (TQM) protocols:

1) Ensuring sourced fiber includes white hollow siliconized conjugate.

2) Weekly maintenance of our machines for proper opening of fibers.

3) Maintaining the appropriate weight of pillows.

4) Regularly monitoring the quality of pillow forms through random and thorough checks.


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