Backdrops Made Easy

By Jordan Sotto

If you find that the term ‘backdrop’ is entirely new to you, take a walk through any large shopping mall. If you never noticed it, malls have photographic stalls at every corner. These are the stalls where your mother probably must have forced you as a child, to take an embarrassing photograph or get your portrait done. Backdrops are used by professional photographers to give the photograph a proper background and make it visually appealing. They come either blank or have an image printed on them, in an attempt to mock a famous location while you are actually in a studio. Blank backdrops are often white in color and are kept clean, so as to avoid the appearance of shadows onto faces.

Exotic fabrics like muslin, polypropylene or even polyester cotton blend fabrics can be utilized to make high-quality backdrops. White backdrops are extremely fun to work with because of the fact that you can weave your imagination while painting on it or while you’re dyeing it. While designing, it is important to maintain an appropriate texture.

Apart from photograph booths, backdrops are significant even for cultural activities. The ideal fabric backdrop for plays should not only be painted with ease and in the short time but also have a firm texture to it, making it just as appealing even from a distance. An example of such a backdrop would be a 90-inch wide white cotton polyester fabric purchased from Hometex, which not only is of the ideal cloth thickness but is also compatible with boards and can be pinned on them with ease. You can paint on the 100% white fabric backdrop with any of the commercially available paints. Moreover, you also get a good discount if you purchase in bulk with the trusted service of Hometex.

Backdrop material like the polypropylene can also be innovatively used as a projector screen for movie screenings at adventure events like camps. Apart from that, backdrop cloth can also be used in weddings, while it is laced with elegant burlap decorations, which give the event a royal feeling.

Backdrops are extremely versatile, as they can be used for photo shoots or for backgrounds, for plays at the theater or as a projector’s screen. You can explore the extremely valuable backdrop fabric collection available at Hometex.


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