Burlap For Rug Hooking

By Jordan Sotto

Even before burlap bags were available in the market, burlap was the standard backing fabric used for rug hooking. Rug hooking is an art and craft practice where rugs are manufactured by stretching loops of fabric through a firm woven base such as burlap or linen. Some studies indicate that burlap backing was in practice since the colonial days!

Burlap backing benefits the customer in two ways, as it is both reliable and cheap. As burlap is a fabric, which has an ideal pore size, it is the most comfortable fabric to hook with. If you’re a beginner, you can start learning the basics of backing with burlap fabric, as it easy to work with. Burlap base is strong enough to hold all kinds of wool and threads and is also known to restrict curl formation, provided you place your hooks well. Once the rug is completed, the burlap fabric allows you to make finishing touches or size related alterations to the rug, a sheer indication of its firm nature. Burlap fabrics add elegance to an event, with their attractive texture and solid colors. Burlap backing for rug hooking involves a homemade rug, which is revamped by giving it a classic, rugged, feel while not compromising its authenticity.

We, at Hometex, offer a wide range of burlap roll lengths to comply with your specific needs.


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