Burlap: A Multipurpose Fabric

By Jordan Sotto

Burlap fabric, in simpler terms, is loosely woven jute, which can be maneuvered with ease, to satisfy your needs and requirements. Burlap fabrics are utilized mostly as decoration materials and as accessory cloth. The texture of the fabric is a little rustic, which offers a sense of nostalgia to any event’s setting. As it is a decorative material, it finds greater utility at special occasions and events like wedding venues and parties.

Burlap fabric can be inculcated into your Christmas decorations through special stockings made from burlap, or you can do it the traditional way by using it for burlap table runners or burlap Christmas trees. There are many other household things that you use daily but probably haven’t recognized them which are made out of burlap like the burlap favor bags, burlap bed skirts, tablecloths, burlap curtains and other products, which utilize burlap to its full potential.

In recent times, wedding planners have been inculcating burlap into their decorations, as it stands out among other color fabrics. They use burlap for various decorations, which under the limelight often look like the aisle runners or ribbons, which have a significant role to play in weddings. The burlap decorations provide not only great ambiance for the guests but also fit well into a tight budget.

When it comes to the manufacturing of the fabric, there have been rumors, which have indicated that the secret ingredient to the perfect fabric is linseed oil. Linseed oil is used to engage the burlap around the fibers, which make it more maneuverable and give it a finished fabric look. By ironing it the right way, you can remove any creases, which make the fabric look and feel brand new.

 Burlap fabric is considered by many to be a multipurpose fabric as it appeals to artisans, and even to the eye of organizers of cultural activities at certain clubs. It has always been a crowd favorite. Burlap can also be described as a versatile fabric, as it fits well and shines out in all kind of occasions. It is an ideal fabric for artisans who are on the lookout for fabrics, which are applicable even for household use.


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