Burlap Bags Now Available At HomeTex

By Jordan Sotto

If you’re looking for a fabric that is strong and long lasting; burlap is the one for you. Burlap fabrics have been the talk of the town in recent times. Although the fabric has been used as a binding agent to hold material together for the past decade or so, it has found its way back as one of the most popular fabrics for making fashionable and durable bags.

If you aren’t convinced of burlap’s potential, you should know that burlap bags have gained immense popularity amongst celebrities, superstars and the glitterati. Burlap sandbags have dominated over the polypropylene bags when it comes to preference

We, at Hometex, serve our customers and have developed 22” x 36” burlap sandbags. These bags are designed as per your needs; for example, they are available in various designs with or without ties. You’ll find great utility in burlap sandbags for completing your daily chores. Apart from that, you’ll find these bags to be perfect for certain field day events like sack races.

Why does the burlap fabric stand out? Why is it so popular? The main reason why you can see a burlap bag on the sleeve of every person you pass by is because of its environmental value. The plastic and paper bags used earlier were causing more harm than heal to the environment. The former was non-degradable waste, whereas for the production of the latter, the damage was in the form of trees cut. This scenario was perfect for the emergence of the burlap bag, which not only is strong and reusable but also helps in reducing the use of plastic. Unlike plastic, the burlap bag is biodegradable and does not release harmful by-products, when burnt.

As a side note, keep in mind that burlap is a natural fabric and has a different smell to it. To remove the odor, dry it out in the sun for a little while. Burlap as a fabric has an uneven texture to it, which makes each bag seem different with respect to the feel of the bag. There are few, which have slightly tighter weaving and others which have slightly looser weaving. However, even with the differences, the long-lasting nature of the fabric isn’t compromised upon.

Contribute to saving the environment around us by using burlap, the eco-friendly and biodegradable fabric exclusively available at Hometex.


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