Making a Perfect Cheesecloth Ghost Costume

By Jordan Sotto

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Visitor (1:12:07) – Good morning, I am a representative from the company, “Hallowhee”. We majorly deal with Halloween décor and Halloween costumes. I am an avid follower of your blog and your website. Once while going through your blog, I was surprised to see a post which was all about the process of making cheesecloth ghosts. What amazed me most was how simple the process was and inspired me to do so. I have few rolls of unused cheesecloth which I had ordered for one of our orders recently from your own company and wanted to made good use of the raw material to make something useful out of the fabric. I wanted to make few ghost costumes for Halloween with the leftover fabric but I can’t seem to find the post on the blog now.

Customer Service (1:12:57) – Hello! I remember the post that you are referring to. We had published that post on our blog during the Halloween season just for our audience. It was an apt explanatory post of the entire process of how you can make your own ghost costumes from cheesecloth. I’m extremely sorry to know that you can’t find it on the blog anymore. Our technical team has made a few changes to the back end of our website and most of our e-commerce platforms and it is speculated that we could have lost a lot of data in the process which includes most of our posts on our blog. I apologize for that yet again.

Visitor (1:13:12) – Oh! It’s okay, I completely understand the need for modifications when it comes to electronic websites. If you don’t mind could you provide me with the details or a set of instructions that I could follow to make those cheesecloth ghost costumes? Just in case that I run out of fabric, I’ll also need to buy some extra cheesecloth fabric. Once I have all of it, I will not have to worry about the length. Maybe I could chip in on our company which has recently received a large order for Halloween ghost costumes.

Customer Service (1:13:48) – Sure! I can give you the details. If your main focus in on buying cheesecloth fabric, you can consider our own website to do the purchase. As it is known to you, we offer the best quality at reasonable prices. For the set of instructions related to the ghost costumes, I’ll have to look through and search the entire website and the blog for the post. I’ll send you the link, if I am able to find it. However, if I am not able to get the post on our blog, I will email the set of instructions you’ll need to follow to make cheesecloth ghost costumes to your given email address. Does that sound good to you, sir?

Visitor (1:14:11) – That’s amazing! You wanted my email ID for the instructions right? My email ID is j**g**@h*** ** However, it’ll be better if you can link the post here or give me the instructions directly as email takes a lot of time and I can also save the post on my laptop here directly.

Customer Service (1:14:19) – Sure sir! I understand your problem. I will be sending you the instructions right here. Could you hold for a minute?

 Visitor (1:14:11) – Yeah, sure. I’ll hold.

Customer Service (1:14:19) – Thank you for your patience, sir. Firstly I’ll like you to know that the process involved in making the cheesecloth ghost costumes is extremely simple. First and foremost, stack a small paper cup on top of another. You will have a stack, invert it and then tape the cups together. Next, you will have to blow a balloon until its size is similar to that of an average head and then place it on the top cup. Next, cut the cheesecloth fabric into pieces which are nearly 18 square cm in size. Keep that aside and prepare a bowl of starch water solution and soak the cut pieces of the cheesecloth fabric in the starch water solution. Once the pieces are completely soaked, pick them up and place them over the balloon and allow them to dry. Let them stay for one complete hour. After an hour, pop the balloon with a needle and the resultant would be a hardened shell which should resemble the shape of the head. Next for the eyes, cut two large circles of black broadcloth fabric and use gum to paste them on the cheesecloth hard shell. That’s it! You must have thought that cheesecloth has limited applications in the kitchen but can also be used for various purposes like décor and costumes. If you’re looking to make costumes, choose the cheesecloth which is available in our inventory as it has the unique ability to soak up dye effectively and efficiently. It can be easily manipulated and cut to give it the look that you have always desired. You can also spray black tea on the fabric and it will result in an antique look.

Visitor (1:15:12) – That’s amazing! Wow! It actually sounds very easy and do-able. I’ll start on it from today! Thank you for taking your time to explain the process to me.

Customer Service (1:15:20) – Just doing my job, sir. If you’re looking for fabrics which can be used in Halloween décor, apart from cheesecloth we also have top quality fabrics like burlap, broadcloth and some unbleached muslin fabric which are all complimentary and can enhance the look of your costumes and décor material.

Visitor (1:15:31) – Yeah, I will surely let my associates and superiors know of the same. They will finalize and place the order for the same. Thank you so much! Good day.

Customer Service (1:15:42) – Thank you, sir. Have a nice day.

To protect the privacy of our clients, certain details have been modified.

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