A Very DIY Christmas

By Jordan Sotto

The Christmas season is a time for fun, family-friendly do-it-yourself decoration projects. Burlap decorDecorating your home and tree should be a time to express your creativity and flaunt your flare. While there are many ways Burlap wreathsand materials to decorate with (lights, ornaments etc), one of the most popular fabrics to enhance your holiday décor is burlap.

Burlap is a lovely natural fabric that is very versatile. It can be used to make stockings, wreaths, decorations for your tree and even the tree itself! Furthermore, burlap can be used as a table cloth or table runner to makeBurlap trees your meal even more rustic, homemade and lovely. From a design perspective, the neutral natural burlap coloring works very well with a red/green/white color scheme.

We have two types of burlap you can use for these DIY projects: Standard and Premium. Our natural burlap is made from natural jute fibers, and as it’s completely natural, it tends to have some unevenness and imperfections, as well as a linseed oil scent. Our premium burlap is also made from natural jute fibers, comes in both finished and unfinished edges (select sizes) and the linseed oil smell has been washed out of the fabric.
Standard versus premium burlap

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