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Description: 'Discount Coupons on Bulk Orders for Craft Supplies'

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Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

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Visitor (04:21:15) – Hello. I had a doubt regarding your distribution chain. Do you by any chance sell craft supplies for special occasions like Christmas and Halloween Décor?

Customer Service – (04:21:29) –Yes, sir. Especially for the season, we have stocked up on exclusive varieties of burlap rolls, cheesecloth and fabric backdrop for special occasions like Halloween and Christmas. We also have quilt batting and a kind of polyester stuffing and broadcloth, which resembles snow and snowfall.

Visitor – (04:21:42) – Excellent. I’m the organizer of an inter-office event and am looking for craft supplies for decoration related to Halloween and Christmas. I already know what to order, what I’m more concerned about is the shipping charges, as our company is located in BC and your distribution chain is centralized in Toronto. I already have run errands on the lookout for good quality craft dealers in and around BC but was not impressed by the quality. One of my colleagues suggested me that your service was not only the best bust also cost-effective. So here I am.

Customer Service – (04:22:02) – You’ve come to the right place, sir. I can assure you that our products are top-notch when it comes to quality and our rates are very competitive. As shipping is not provided by us, the charges could be slightly higher. However, just for you, I can try and get you a discount coupon for 6% off on the entire bill for bulk orders, which will save you some money on our side and get adjusted on your shipping bill.

 Visitor – (04:22:17) - Can you hold for one moment? I want to check with my partner and update him on the same.

Customer Service – (04:22:29) – Sure, sir. Meanwhile, can I send you our newsletter on your email ID regarding the new stock of fabrics we have? The new range of lace trim and burlap we have is in huge demand for the rustic look it has and the setting it contributes to. In burlap, we have burlap ribbon and burlap bags which are ideal for occasions like Christmas.

Visitor – (04:22:54) – Sure. I just got an update from my partner, he wants me to finalize the deal and go ahead with the order. Thank you so much for your help. One last question, where can I place the order?

Customer Service – (04:23:07) – Your welcome sir. You can do it online at our website and place your order. You coupon code is ******. The coupon code is valid for one order or for 15 days, whichever comes first.

Visitor – (04:23:15) – Great, I am half way through placing my order. Thank you so much for your time and your help.

Customer Service – (04:23:31) Just doing my job, sir. Have a nice day.


To protect the privacy of our clients, certain details have been modified.

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